Today (9/Jan)

Breakfast: 2 eggs & 4 mushrooms

Lunch: pumpkin, bean sprouts, veggies, rice, tofu

– 2 raisin bread
– Plateful of nuts
– Baked spicy squid

Dinner: mixed grain rice, pan fried fish, choi sum, 2-3 BBQ pork, broccoli & chicken, soup
Then brushed my teeth after dinner to stop myself from eating!!
Exercise: walked to admiralty even tho the bus was already there

I feel like today was okay – it was not bad but not great either. To improve, I think I could’ve ate more healthy snacks (aka not the baked squid, less nuts)…and I honestly didn’t have time to exercise properly so no regrets there:) I also could’ve eaten less at dinner haha 😛

Planning to eat an avocado toast for breakfast tmr!

Today (9/Jan)

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