After-lunch terror on diet (10/Jan)

Today was unfortunately not any better than yesterday and in fact WAAAYYY worse…
Started off the day with oatmeal & flaxseed + soy milk
Lunch: I ate a smoked salmon salad

SEE? IT STARTS OFF HEALTHY OK….and then just idk what happened…
After HMCA, I ate 1 bread:

Got back home, ate dinner:

And my dad bought ‘zai’ which is basically tofu marinated in a ton of sugar and other sweet stuff to make it super sweet, not to mention a crap ton of food colouring…
After dinner, I ate: (yes I will make a list cuz there’s just too many)
– The other bread
– Pretty much half the bag of spicy baked squid
– A packet of salty crackers
– A packet of wheat crackers (7 in a pack)
– Kiwi

IM SOO FULLLL I don’t know why my self control goes completely out of whack after lunch:( GAH..

After-lunch terror on diet (10/Jan)

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