Transferring bad habits to the afternoon (11/Jan)

Breakfast: oatmeal, flaxseed, soy milk


Lunch: My fav salad; went to a place where you could add 4 different types of dishes from around 7-8, I got tomato & basil, pesto pasta, mushrooms, and lastly broccoli



– Wife cake (if you’re not sure what this is, here’s a recipe I just googled so you can see the ingredients. I personally bought wife cake from a store.

– Mixed nuts
– Cereal: oatmeal squares & unsweetened soy milk

– 3 slices of wholemeal bread: 2 slices with blackberry jam & 1 slice with peanut butter

Snack after dinner:
– Wheat crackers

I tried to transfer my snacking habits (or at least most of it) to the afternoon instead of night. And I TRIED to make my snacking healthier although the wheat crackers failed me T_T

Plans for tomorrow:
– Breakfast: Papaya and/or other fruits
– Lunch: Salad from my school + I have this ‘tea’ thing with my EngLit class where we have to pretend we’re in the Victorian era and all that..complete waste of my school fees right there but yeah I’ll have to eat!! There’s gonna be a ton of temptations so hopefully I can resist them!!
– Snack: Mushroom & egg scramble with wholemeal bread
– Exercise: I mean I’ll TRYYY to fit in a blogilates work out but that’s pretty unlikely considering I have a pile of work to do…I’ll see though!! Maybe it’s a chance for me to manage my time better. I’ll see how tired I am after school

I’m definitely going to eat more than that for snack tomorrow…I just hope I stick to healthy foods

Transferring bad habits to the afternoon (11/Jan)

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