BED?? (15/Jan)

So today, I realised I am highly likely to have BED, or binge eating disorder. I haven’t asked a nutritionist/dietician because I can’t afford one (lol) but speaking to my friends about it, I eat compulsively and out of control. Soooo I’ve got to keep up these food diaries:

Breakfast: Oatmeal, flaxseed & soy milk
Snack: Nature valley dark choco bar
Super bad choice and I feel sooo guilty for eating this T_T
Lunch: Salad (purple lettuce, corn, peppers, like 1/6 of an egg because my skl salad bar only had that much egg left -____-)
Snack: Plain yoghurt, oats, dark choco (83%), flaxseed

Dinner: veggies, fish, egg, mixed grain rice, papaya/carrot/chestnut soup, chestnuts inside the soup

Exercise: Tabata 4 min workout in PE (did not feel anything like 4 min….felt like an hour…)

I’m thinking of whether I should go running tmr cuz I have 2 frees…hmmmmm I’ll see how I feel tmr morning!

BED?? (15/Jan)

6 thoughts on “BED?? (15/Jan)

  1. I think whatever you had for dinner, you should’ve had for lunch instead.
    Like the old saying goes: breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.
    I love the look of your veggie platter there 🙂


    1. Omg trust me I would love that, but it’s kinda like a Chinese custom thing to basically eat the opposite way T_T and we eat as a family and take what we want from large dishes so if I eat something made just for me, and not eat the same food as my parents when we’re eating dinner, it’s considered ‘disrespectful’. The only thing I can do is just eat less in dinner and eat more veggies. Thank you tho!!

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      1. That makes sense… What you can do then is go for a stroll after dinner. Will help u sleep better and maybe burn some calories in the process.
        I have managed to lose some weight by just counting calories. Have tried a number of apps and am using my fitness pal right now.


      2. Hmm thanks for the idea!! 🙂 I’m afraid it might be boring just walking on a treadmill tho haha but maybe I can watch youtube then!! 😀 and unfortunately if I meticulously count my calories, it just doesn’t rly work for me. I end up feeling bad and then I binge and then yeah the deadly cycle…For now I think I should just try eating healthy which is enough of a challenge!


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