Sunflower seed bread, never again… (17/Jan)

Today was a really great day in so many ways: I got so much work done, I ate healthily & uni stuff. I ate pretty well, no regrets!!

Breakfast: Greens, banana & kiwi blended all up! I used the greens from last nights salad because they were very tasteless…and I knew the sweetness of the banana would take over 😀

Fun fact – I forgot to add soy milk/any liquid tbh to my blender and my blender has different functions, so I clicked the smoothie function which obviously requires liquid of some sort. Then I realised…and poured some soy milk to the blender. I guess I didn’t poor enough for it to become as liquid as water, but I loved the thickness of the smoothie 😀

Lunch: 2 wholemeal slices of bread with scrambled eggs (2 eggs)


– I ate a bite of my mum’s PB sandwich
– Sunflower seed bread with jam
Ok so before I got home, I went to the supermarket and I saw sunflower seed bread! It looked really moist and healthy, and I looked at the ingredients, which seemed reasonably okay – not the healthiest but certainly healthier than other breads out there. I got back home really excited to eat it, and it was totally not what I was expecting. It was just…very salty…strangely enough, which is why I added jam to it in the end. Never again…

– Mixed rice
– Salmon
– 2 pieces of yellow pepper and 4-5 cashew nuts
– Chestnuts
– 2 bowls of soup

I was planning to exercise tomorrow, cuz I wanted to exercise every Sunday…but guess what! I hurt my knee 😦 I hurt it when I was walking down a very steep slope (instead of taking the bus because I wanted to move more). I tried doing a few jumping jacks today to see if my knee would be able to handle it and it hurt a lot. I also planned to go to the elliptical, thinking it would result in less force in my knee, but I researched and it told me best to wait for my knee to recover first since it could make my injury worse. I hope my knee gets well soon so that I can exercise 😦

Sunflower seed bread, never again… (17/Jan)

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