I KNOW I haven’t posted anything for literally MONTHS and I FEEL EXTREMELY BAD. As anyone might have guessed, kinda fell off the wagon..binged a bit here and there…but yes, I have decided I will start posting my meal log again. SO, TODAY:

Breakfast: Banana

Snack: Fruit cup

Exercise: 30 mins of blogilates

Lunch: Brown rice cake with hummus, 1 nectarine


Dinner: Mushrooms, lettuce, pan fried salmon

Snack: Banana, blueberries

I was planning on completely NOT doing any exercise, since I have PE tmr in the cardio suite, but then my friend said that I was thinking about it, so might as well do it, even if it’s for 5 minutes, still better than nothing. AND ALSO, everything I ate today is quite healthy because I saw this quote yesterday, which said ‘Eat to nourish your body’ or something like that…will post an image of it below. So every time I eat, I have to think that the food that I am eating is to NOURISH my body, to FUEL it, and ultimately this stems from LOVING my body.



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