22 MAR: Binge #1

So the day finally came…the day when my binging would relapse. I kept asking myself when I would lose control and day after day went by and I seemed to actually gain control of my diet. Who was I kidding? 

Breakfast: Overnight oats (1 tbsp chia seeds, 1/2 cup soy milk, 1/2 cup oats, 1/3 cup water, then next morning add blueberries & walnuts) 


Lunch: Mushrooms & mixed grain rice  


Snack: 1 nectarine…and many more…including the snacks I ate throughout the day…here’s a compilation: 



Dinner: Sushi  

So..if you add EVERYTHING I ate today, I made another collage so it’s more visual; some photos I used from the internet b/c its easier to visualise rather than writing ‘x5’ or sth on the bottom 


Typical binge day…it’s so annoying because I made so much progress so far! I remember eating so much and then thinking “I already ruined my day so screw it, might as well make it the worst day possible”. And the thing that I forgot to do today, is that I forgot to think of how I’m trying to eat healthier and BE healthier because I love myself. Because I deserve to have a nice body. Because I am eating to NOURISH my body. 

Instead, today I has the ‘skinny’ mentality. Somehow I totally forgot about the ‘loving mentality’ and I just thought “I’ll never be skinny anyway”.

Tomorrow is a new day. I will not restrict any calories. Instead I will eat healthy, because I am in control of my body. 

It’s interesting. I watched a documentary (Hungry for Change) about how we’re actually addicted to food, but the media is just covering it up. We know cocaine and other drugs are bad, but food is surprisingly, a drug. We are addicted to it, and for binge eaters such as myself, we don’t know when to stop.  

22 MAR: Binge #1

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