25 March: 1st time trying kale 

Breakfast: 3 tbsp oatmeal + soy milk 

Lunch: Kale salad! 


First time trying kale…well found out I don’t like it. I was so excited to try it out because it’s so ‘hyped up’ but it tastes very…grassy? I don’t know how to explain it, my friend’s mum said it was ‘earthy’ and didn’t like it. The quinoa was DELISHHH and the noodles were surprisingly good. ALSO 3rd time trying out beetroot (despite not liking it the first 2 times) – I guess I really don’t like it hahaha 

Snack: 1 banana, wholewheat crackers 

Dinner: Chinese green beans, tofu, soup 

Snack: Apple 

25 March: 1st time trying kale 

22 March: A ‘meh’ kind of day 

Breakfast: 3 tbsp oats & soy milk 

Lunch: Pumpkin & edamame 


Amazingly ran out of vegetables in the whole house (how is that even possible…) so PUMPKIN INSTEAD. 

Snack: 1 banana, 1 pear, 1 packet of wholewheat crackers 

I don’t know what to do when I’ve eaten TWO fruits…and I’m still hungry. I mean if I eat EVEN MORE fruits isn’t that just too much sugar…isn’t it better to switch it up a bit? 😐 

Dinner: 3 brown rice cakes, lettuce, mushroom, steamed fish, bean sprouts 

Snack: Grapes, chestnuts  

Shouldn’t have eaten those chestnuts…I even told myself not to eat those chestnuts…but somehow I ended up eating them anyway…I really don’t know what to do but give in when I have such a strong determination…to eat! 😐

22 March: A ‘meh’ kind of day 

21 March: 1st healthy organic restaurant!

I ate more than I usually do today…mainly because my lunch was massive, but yeah.

Exercise: 30 min blogilates 

Breakfast: Edamame


Lunch: Life salad bowl


I’ve been wanting to try ‘Life Cafe’ for AGESSSSS and I’m so glad I finally got to try it out! Everything there is super healthy & organic. My life salad bowl had: grated carrot & beetroot, sprouted mung beans, organic chickpea hummus, mixed nuts and seeds, nutritional yeast, fresh herb dressing, and life organic flaxseed crackers (as stated on the menu). EVERYTHING in that bowl tasted amazing, and god knows how they made that herb sauce because it tastes like heavennnnn.

Snack: wholewheat crackers, grapes



Dinner: Fish, veggies, 1 bowl of soup


 I actually hate this fish so much because my parents like everything with a super strong flavour and this fish is SOOO FREAKING SALTY it tastes like I’m eating straight up salt.

My mum got pissed at me because I was eating too little for dinner…what??? I ate stuff before that, and she was like “Then don’t eat any snacks” and I’m like “I’ll get so hungry by dinner I’ll devour everything”. Gosh, it’s my life, my choices, my diet.

21 March: 1st healthy organic restaurant!


I KNOW I haven’t posted anything for literally MONTHS and I FEEL EXTREMELY BAD. As anyone might have guessed, kinda fell off the wagon..binged a bit here and there…but yes, I have decided I will start posting my meal log again. SO, TODAY:

Breakfast: Banana

Snack: Fruit cup

Exercise: 30 mins of blogilates

Lunch: Brown rice cake with hummus, 1 nectarine


Dinner: Mushrooms, lettuce, pan fried salmon

Snack: Banana, blueberries

I was planning on completely NOT doing any exercise, since I have PE tmr in the cardio suite, but then my friend said that I was thinking about it, so might as well do it, even if it’s for 5 minutes, still better than nothing. AND ALSO, everything I ate today is quite healthy because I saw this quote yesterday, which said ‘Eat to nourish your body’ or something like that…will post an image of it below. So every time I eat, I have to think that the food that I am eating is to NOURISH my body, to FUEL it, and ultimately this stems from LOVING my body.



BED?? (15/Jan)

So today, I realised I am highly likely to have BED, or binge eating disorder. I haven’t asked a nutritionist/dietician because I can’t afford one (lol) but speaking to my friends about it, I eat compulsively and out of control. Soooo I’ve got to keep up these food diaries:

Breakfast: Oatmeal, flaxseed & soy milk
Snack: Nature valley dark choco bar
Super bad choice and I feel sooo guilty for eating this T_T
Lunch: Salad (purple lettuce, corn, peppers, like 1/6 of an egg because my skl salad bar only had that much egg left -____-)
Snack: Plain yoghurt, oats, dark choco (83%), flaxseed

Dinner: veggies, fish, egg, mixed grain rice, papaya/carrot/chestnut soup, chestnuts inside the soup

Exercise: Tabata 4 min workout in PE (did not feel anything like 4 min….felt like an hour…)

I’m thinking of whether I should go running tmr cuz I have 2 frees…hmmmmm I’ll see how I feel tmr morning!

BED?? (15/Jan)