19th March: pretty good!

Breakfast: Banana muffins


These are from Cassey’s (Blogilates) recipe! They’re so simple to make – just 1 egg, a bit of oats (around 3-4 tbsp) and 1/2 a banana. And I eat the other half. It tastes amazing, it’s surprisingly sweet because my banana was quite ripe

Lunch: Stir-fried peas

Exercise: 30 min treadmill & tried that machine which I don’t know the name of…it worked out the chest, shoulders & back, the one where you push…yeah..so I tried one of the weights which was STILL SO HARD. Guess that’s a sign I need to work out my muscles more..

ALSO from the blogilates exercise yesterday, I think I have DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness or something like that) because my muscles are only starting to hurt this evening. BUT I’m so glad they do, because that means I worked them hard! (or that I just hadn’t worked out in a long time..let’s avoid that possibility)

For the 30 min treadmill, I ran at 8 for 10 minutes, then did HIIT running for 20 minutes – so I ran at 11.2 for 1 minute, then stepped off and vice versa. SO SWEATY AFTERWARD

Snack: 1 banana, 1 nectarine

Cries my nectarine molded slightly on the top, so I cut that part out.

Dinner: Yellow pepper, sole fish, 2 bowls of soup

The sole fish was waaayyyy too salty..maybe because I wasn’t eating any rice unlike my parents, but wow that was SALTY.

Snack: 1/2 a papaya


I also found out yesterday, that the sugars from fruit is PERFECTLY FINE FOR YOU. And the belief that bananas will give you a ‘potassium overdose’ is FALSE. Having this mindset made me eat SOO much more healthier. I mean look at my snack! All just fruit! 😀

19th March: pretty good!