21 March: 1st healthy organic restaurant!

I ate more than I usually do today…mainly because my lunch was massive, but yeah.

Exercise: 30 min blogilates 

Breakfast: Edamame


Lunch: Life salad bowl


I’ve been wanting to try ‘Life Cafe’ for AGESSSSS and I’m so glad I finally got to try it out! Everything there is super healthy & organic. My life salad bowl had: grated carrot & beetroot, sprouted mung beans, organic chickpea hummus, mixed nuts and seeds, nutritional yeast, fresh herb dressing, and life organic flaxseed crackers (as stated on the menu). EVERYTHING in that bowl tasted amazing, and god knows how they made that herb sauce because it tastes like heavennnnn.

Snack: wholewheat crackers, grapes



Dinner: Fish, veggies, 1 bowl of soup


 I actually hate this fish so much because my parents like everything with a super strong flavour and this fish is SOOO FREAKING SALTY it tastes like I’m eating straight up salt.

My mum got pissed at me because I was eating too little for dinner…what??? I ate stuff before that, and she was like “Then don’t eat any snacks” and I’m like “I’ll get so hungry by dinner I’ll devour everything”. Gosh, it’s my life, my choices, my diet.

21 March: 1st healthy organic restaurant!