22 March: A ‘meh’ kind of day 

Breakfast: 3 tbsp oats & soy milk 

Lunch: Pumpkin & edamame 


Amazingly ran out of vegetables in the whole house (how is that even possible…) so PUMPKIN INSTEAD. 

Snack: 1 banana, 1 pear, 1 packet of wholewheat crackers 

I don’t know what to do when I’ve eaten TWO fruits…and I’m still hungry. I mean if I eat EVEN MORE fruits isn’t that just too much sugar…isn’t it better to switch it up a bit? 😐 

Dinner: 3 brown rice cakes, lettuce, mushroom, steamed fish, bean sprouts 

Snack: Grapes, chestnuts  

Shouldn’t have eaten those chestnuts…I even told myself not to eat those chestnuts…but somehow I ended up eating them anyway…I really don’t know what to do but give in when I have such a strong determination…to eat! 😐

22 March: A ‘meh’ kind of day