20 March: Documentary overload

Today was not so bad as well! I’m starting to get kinda worried about the whole fruit sugar thing and that being bad for you, because the previous article I read stated it doesn’t raise your blood glucose levels…but does that mean it prevents you from gaining weight?! I’m so confused, some websites say it’s best to limit the number of fruits you eat in a day but then freelee the banana girl eats…just bananas – literally, and she’s fit af! GAH IDK will do more research on this.

Btw totally gone food documentary crazy…I watched 4 documentaries in the past 2 days about food, meat etc. These are: food inc, forks over knives, hungry for change and vegucated. These 2 days were clearly very productive….

Breakfast: 3-4 tbsp oatmeal, soy milk

Snack: Grapes

Lunch: Beans – idk what they’re called, see the photo below:


Snack: 1 banana, 1 apricot



Dinner: Salmon, eggs (god I felt so bad but there was nothing else I could eat), shrimp


I’m trying to limit my dairy intake because mannnn watching all those food documentaries and seeing the way that cows are seriously alive just for human production, the way they are forced to give birth, then the baby is immediately dragged away – if it’s male it will be used for beef, if it’s female it would be used to produce milk for our consumption in the future. And you know how mothers are super protective of their children when they’re born (as in animals, but humans are too), I mean to have them stripped away from them immediately? That’s just cruel. And right after that, humans inject sperm into their…area? Idk what u call it, and then metal tubes are placed on their utters so that milk can come out. What is wrong with us??? So yeah, TRYING to limit my dairy, but if the situation arises, like today, then I’ll still eat it, but just not a lot.

Snack: Blueberries


20 March: Documentary overload